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VenturaVie funds local charity organizations that empower youth, women, and artistic development 

The HiVe
Creating Opportunities for Community


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Artwork by Marissa Pho

Artwork by Maya Wilder
Banners of Hope by Cheryl Musacchia

Looking forward to

Wear We Are Going, 2022!

VenturaVie partners with Zinc House Farm to provide kids from any background the opportunity to slow down, be mindful, appreciate nature and create art from the earth. Children have a unique experience walking through an organic garden on the farm, learning how things grow, discovering nature they can collect and make art with to take home.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in this amazing program

Learn more about


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Giving voice and access to anyone interested in eco-fashion design. With a focus on the themes of beauty, resilience, and adaptation, we are looking for designs that speak to our shared environmental future.
Find details and application here.

$3000 Cash Prize!
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VenturaVie will be co-sponsoring the 2nd annual Wear We Are Going eco-fashion design contest as part of our mission to empower artistic development through fashion.

Looking forward to Wear We Are Going 2022
Stay tuned!
A Buzzin Book..

As this year moves into Spring, filled with the promise of opportunity, VenturaVie is continuing to showcase our book, the product of our community collaboration.

We offer this gift to you, to thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission of celebrating community compassionately through fashion, the arts, and nature.

This book is the culmination of our virtual meetings, twice a week, continually, supporting, growing, creating.

Enjoy this book of story, poetry, and art made by the HiVe, with love from our hearts to yours.




Hard copies of this Art Book are available with a minimum $82 donation. 100% of all proceeds from this book will benefit Dolls Clan, see below to learn more about their mission.


Get excited about In The HiVe Vol.2 coming out at the end of the year! 

A local project with global reach.


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VentuaVie's mission is meeting community needs through the focus on wellness and self-care, locally AND globally. We are excited to announce our partnership with Vital Voices to open the VenturaVie Wellness Room. Located in the Vital Voices Global Headquarters for Women's Leadership, the first of its kind. Follow the link here to see all of the excitement of the grand opening.

This is what a leader looks like!

Proceeds from In The HiVe Volume I was given to Dolls Clan, a women's collective in South America that uses graffiti art to communicate creatively regarding issues of domestic violence and sex trafficking. This is now an ongoing relationship, sharing ideas and planning new opportunities.

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V Boutique comes through in the clutch!
- Angella S.

I had shopped at V Boutique back when they were located on Sutter Street, but I was actually so happy to hear that they moved near Ghiradelli square for better parking and a much easier experience. Just a couple of weeks ago, I found myself dress-less just a couple of days before the Ballet Opening night. My girlfriend told me she had just found her dress at V Boutique, so I popped in a couple days later. What do you know....I found my Vera Wang dress, my cashmere cover-up, and some other fun pieces to wear every day. The Boutique really hooked me up! Just helping me along to find something special that was flattering on me. I really didn't see anything straight away, but they helped me, pulling pieces out of nowhere, and I ended up walking away with so much! Not to mention that you're shopping for a cause.

Thank you V Boutique, my personal shopping angels!

*A refreshing little gem in SFO! Small boutique offering an interesting and   eclectic variety of fashion as well as genuine care and service. Also   providing invaluable support to the local community. It was a joy to   shop at V Boutique. - Chris B.

*Love their mission to use proceeds to help women in need! -Carolyn L.

*I just loved this shop. The owner was delightful and loved her cause.   Will shop again, whenever I am in SF!! - Kathleen F.

*Proceeds go to helping women out in the community. Lovely store and     owner. Clothes are super cute! - Adena G.

*Everything! Especially the proprietor! Great to meet you Victoria!
-Walter & Martha

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V is for Village.

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