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Community Events in the Boutique

SPRING 2018 ... Boutique salon event collaborating with local leaders to discuss human trafficking and supporting international women's rights. Survivors of human trafficking worked with community members to educate how to identify potential victims and heighten awareness to break the cycle of victimization  break the cycle of victimization, and and create new opportunities for trafficking survivors to thrive by offering jobs and teaching new skills in areas like technology aka ‘girls who code’. 

Private Shopping Events to Give Back

ONGOING ... in-store private events where percentage of proceeds have gone back to some of the following organizations: Sonoma fires, North Bay Fire Relief, Hurricane Harvey, First Behavior School, Doctors without Borders, Chinese Auxiliary Hospital, Breast Cancer Action...

Glam & Shop

ONGOING ... in-store events where makeovers and hairstyling are offered as gifts to the community including to members of the armed services by renowned stylist Ada Garcia.

World Financial Group

ONGOING ... in-store events open to the public offering financial literacy workshops to English and non-English speakers in the community.