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Getting up to speed with our friend Cheryl M.

As we have shared in other posts, this past year has brought some unique challenges for VenturaVie's friend and volunteer Cheryl M. You have seen and read her story below. Although she remains displaced from her fire damaged home, she is continuing to inspire people with her Banners of Hope: Fire Flags. Cheryl has sewn some banners with the inspiration from the bonds of sisters and friendship and also some to support the humanitarian crisis happening abroad. She even has beautiful banners made with silk fabric that was donated to her cause. Many people are reaching out to her for customized Fire Flags; one for a new baby girl and individually unique ones for birthdays.

VenturaVie and V Boutique continue to collaborate with Cheryl in getting these fun and meaningful banners out into the community. Please consider a donation to this project to help Cheryl transition during this challenging time in her life and receive your own Banner of Hope: Fire Flag for a minimum donation.

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