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A message from one of our V Boutique Queens - Kara


Our beloved Queen for a Day program allowed us the privilege of getting to know Kara, who graciously shared her transformative experience of feeling loved and empowered during her personalized shopping experience. Kara's journey was not just about finding the perfect outfit, but about the emotional connection she felt throughout the process. This intimate shopping experience enhanced Kara's wardrobe and boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

During her time shopping, Kara explored various styles and colors that she may not have considered before. This exposure to new fashion choices expanded her horizons and helped her discover a newfound sense of self-expression. The positive reinforcement and encouragement she received throughout the experience left a lasting impact on her, reminding her of her inner strength and beauty.

Studies have shown that personalized shopping experiences can profoundly impact an individual's self-perception and overall well-being. By tailoring the shopping journey to meet the specific needs and preferences of the customer, a sense of empowerment and fulfillment is created. Kara's experience highlights the importance of personalized interactions, in creating meaningful connections and fostering feelings of affection and community. Through this unique shopping experience, Kara found the perfect outfits and discovered a newfound confidence and self-worth. This story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of personalized care, attention, and community in uplifting individuals and making them feel truly special.


A couple of weeks ago, I attended a “Queen for a Day" event at V Boutique on Jefferson Street in San Francisco's historic Cannery. That Sunday afternoon experience moved me to tears and literally changed my life.

I'm a boomer, transgirl. Other than shoes and a couple of t-shirts, my entire wardrobe consisted of “hand me ups” (I'm six feet tall) from biological female friends. I had some cute tops that I usually paired with leggings, like most of the women I know. I had nothing dressy and I had never once gone shopping for feminine clothing.

That all changed during my time spent with Victoria and Renee at V Boutique. I arrived by invitation to find the store open just for me. Victoria and Renee had selected what seemed like dozens of outfits to try on. Dresses, business suits, pant suits, jackets, blouses, shirts, skirts, new, classic, and vintage pieces. Accessories including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and small bags too. Amazingly, and utterly overwhelming to this impoverished San Franciscan, these items, all bearing their normal (very reasonable) V Boutique price tags, were given to me as part of the Queen for a Day Program. As in free of charge. Gifts bestowed upon a queen.

Full disclosure: I had met Victoria years before as her occasional backup substitute dogwalker. But I can't say I knew her well or was close to her. Her dogs, sure. But that day she made me feel like a best friend.

I left the store with more clothing than I could carry and with eternal gratitude for the kindness, generosity, and love shown to me, nay, lavished upon me, and with a confidence and a sense of style that I'd never felt before. I can't say enough to convey how moved and touched I am. And damn, I'm a sharp dresser now. - Kara Richards 

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