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Victoria is the owner of V Boutique LLC, a social enterprise brick and mortar shop created in San Francisco to bring beautiful designer clothing at discounts and to offer a physical space for events and workshops to eleVate and educate women and youth. V Boutique is now under the umbrella of VenturaVie’s charitable vehicles.

Richard is an international expert on legal ethics. President of the Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation, with the focus on helping the disenfranchised, and emphasizing social issues, legal assistance, scholarships and the arts.

Jessica helped in the implementation and start up of V Boutique. With a background in linguistics and a humanitarian spirit, she has helped shape the direction of VenturaVie. She is baker/owner pf co-op bakery Arizmendi Bakery in Emeryville, California.

Michael is a multi-generational wine family business owner. Mastermind of Rosenblum's direct- to-consumer manager. Components of his program include special events, meetups, and classes at a stylish Oakland tasting room, as well as a wine club membership and a strong e-commerce campaign. President of Enterprise for Youth board which serves youth in developing job skills and community enhancement.

Stephen's career spans over 25 years producing some of America’s  well-known and beloved events including:  the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, and Times Square 2000! His Promotional, Branding and New Product Launch know-how has lead to work with some of the world's largest and most recognizable companies including Microsoft, Twitter and Toys R Us.  His current company Eventability, is a boutique formula focusing on relationship-building while offering large scale event production services and consulting.  His client list includes Maybelline, Sears and Hit Entertainment.

Lee is EVP of The Doneger Group, the global leader  in merchandising and business strategies for the retail and fashion industries, New York City. He has been an angel to VenturaVie/VBoutique from the outset, opening doors and offering invaluable wisdom and guidance.

Renee is a collaborative artist working closely with Victoria on national art projects (Blended Series, Atlanta & Francisco: blending photography and paintings).

Miria is a master acupuncturist  “and Chinese medicine practitioner”and friend of the VBoutique hive and has fostered community around acupuncture and health.

Lynne, a former executive for retail stores, catalogs, and internet companies has been instrumental with expertise in buying, merchandising, and sales and continues to offer unique insights in the shop and to our interns.

Danielle Elias, Walter Baker, Yvette Albanese, and John Urben of McKay Custom Clothiers have gone above and beyond to provide designer fashions to VBoutique 

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