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About VenturaVie


VenturaVie Board

Victoria Zitrin



Richard Zitrin


Renee Ellis

Campaign Lead

Michael Franzia


Stephen Krauss

Event Advisor

Victoria Zitrin is an artist, entrepreneur, and advocate who lives in San Francisco, CA. She is the Founder and President of VenturaVie, a public charity that elevates community through nature, art, and fashion. VenturaVie operates V Boutique, a brick-and-mortar shop in San Francisco’s historic Cannery building. Selling clothing and jewelry, V Boutique also creates community through salons to raise awareness with local leaders around issues such as sex trafficking and financial literacy and facilitates after-school and summer programs with kids to give them solid foundations to determine their own futures and build leadership skills.


VenturaVie also creates interconnections through residency programs for both children and adults through gardening + and cooking, building furniture with rammed earth and pleinaire community projects. Victoria was formerly on the Board of Directors for Enterprise for High School students, a 50-year-old high school program that promotes job search, acquisition and retention services.  


Additionally, she serves as a member of the Vital Voices Council of the Bay Area, part of a national group of women leaders, all working to change the world by exerting their strength and wisdom. Victoria has utilized her law and mediation background to help people resolve conflicts creatively and peacefully and successfully for all and her background as an artist and yoga/ayurvedic teacher to help people find balance and create healthy lifestyles.





Richard is an international expert on legal ethics. President of the Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation, with a focus on helping the disenfranchised, and emphasizing social issues, legal assistance, scholarships, and the arts.

Renee is a collaborative artist working closely with Victoria on national art projects (Blended Series, Atlanta & Francisco: blending photography and paintings).  Renee has also been an owner and CFO of a successful photography studio and software company.

Michael is a multi-generational family wine business owner. He formerly directed HR and Direct to Consumer marketing for his family’s winery.  Michael and his siblings are co-founders of Zinc House Farm; a family run winery and agritourism experience in the San Joaquin Valley. He previously served as board president of Enterprise for Youth, another San Francisco-based non-profit which serves youth in developing job skills, providing internships and community enhancement.

Stephen's career spans over 25 years producing some of America’s  well-known and beloved events including:  the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, and Times Square 2000! His Promotional, Branding and New Product Launch know-how has lead to work with some of the world's largest and most recognizable companies including Microsoft, Twitter and Toys R Us.  His current company Eventability, is a boutique formula focusing on relationship-building while offering large scale event production services and consulting.  His client list includes Maybelline, Sears and Hit Entertainment.

VenturaVie Advisors

Lee Mandelbaum

Lynne Fox

Miria Toveg

Lee is EVP of The Doneger Group, the global leader  in merchandising and business strategies for the retail and fashion industries, New York City. He has been an angel to VenturaVie/VBoutique from the outset, opening doors and offering invaluable wisdom and guidance.

Lynne, a former executive for retail stores, catalogs, and internet companies has been instrumental with expertise in buying, merchandising, and sales and continues to offer unique insights in the shop and to our interns.

VenturaVie Fashion Gurus

Danielle Elias, Walter Baker, Yvette Albanese, and John Urben of McKay Custom Clothiers have gone above and beyond to provide designer fashions to VBoutique 

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