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Peace Flags for Ukraine

Good news… There is finally progress on rebuilding my home after the arson fire last March. My contractor started the demolition phase, which will be a full gut of the building and will take another 16 months to complete the rebuild. Thank you to so many of you who have helped support me during this challenging time by donating to receive some of the “Banner of Hope” flags.

During these past few months, since the war on Ukraine began, I have been reflecting, like so many of you, on what it must be like to be in a war zone. Unimaginable terror, unimaginable destruction, unimaginable grief. Losing my home to fire does not compare to the Ukraine war; it has however stirred in me how important community and support truly are. I began sewing “Ukraine Peace Flags” to begin a campaign of giving back to the Ukrainian relief effort through VenturaVie. Many of VenturaVie donors and friends have so generously helped me navigate rebuilding my life and I, in return want to keep the circle of giving and receiving ongoing. Please consider donating to this effort. I have many beautiful Banner of Hope flags already sewn that you can choose from and I also take special orders.

See more available flag images below and how the progress is going on my house because of your donations to the Banners of Hope and Peace Flags project. Thank you again!!!



More choices for flags...


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