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The High Cost of Survival.....

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Imagine being a child, alone, living on the street, in a new country where the language is not your own and where you must rely on your own to survive as your parents are dead? Who can you trust? Who really cares about you? Who preys on you in the depths of night? Where there is a system that provides you with some food and assistance during the day, but at night, there is no help for you because there is no foster type system and like 1 shelter, which has a 1year waiting list? Or imagine being a a single parent of 5 children under 12-years-old, seeking asylum to escape gender-based-violence and learning to trust, again without knowing the language or the system of norms living in a group home. These are some of the stories I heard today based on the women in the trenches in the Balkans. I can show some of the pictures, but to in the interest of cyber security, I cannot give names or show photos #elevateoneanother #vitalvoices #inspired #compassion #community #loveislove

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This is incredibly important work you are doing!

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