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This is what a leader looks like...

It is hard to put into words the experience of attending and participating in the opening of the Vital Voices Global Headquarters for Women's Leadership in Washington DC this month. The actual realization of the first women's leadership building EVER and being in that space with women and girls from all over the world was an epic experience that almost seemed surreal.

Marching with girls from the White House to the VVHQ and shouting “this is what a leader looks like” and sharing the meaning of “women’s rights are human rights” to a new generation of young people.

Meeting Hilary Clinton and hugging her. Realizing the passing of the torch from generation to generation. Meeting Diane Von Furstenberg and having HER compliment ME on my dress. What?!!!

Teaching sessions on grounding moments in wellness and taking care of ourselves amidst change to women and girls from around the globe. Listening, learning, and being inspired to take action. So proud to be at the table.

As we realize we can take nothing for granted: health, freedom.

Walking hand-in-hand, sisters, as we march through the ever-changing landscape, ready for whatever comes our way, together, a community of visionaries. And in the immortal words of the amazing Madeleine Albreit who help found this amazing headquarters: “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” And, I might add, those who don’t help humanity as a whole.

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