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V is for Village....Vantage point

The women stared at me, expressionless, as I began to teach their first. ever. yoga class. Throughout the day, I taught them about “grounding” themselves for protection in their work. I read, what I hoped to be, inspiring poetry. I never felt so “californian” before. These amazing, accomplished young women who do enormous work to help others were looking at me as though I was speaking not just a foreign language, but also talking foreign concepts. Mindfulness. Self-care. Refueling oneself. Deep 3-part breathing. Not to mention alternate nostril breathing. And as I led the class through asanas, they followed my lead, but without any show of emotion. And yet when I gave them the anonymous choice to be touched or not during the class, they all chose to be touched. Absorbed. open. And this morning, the debriefing revealed how much the yoga class meant to them. In a conference room. In a hotel. Overlooking the sea and a sea of refugees below. I put so much pressure on myself to make this “transformatiVe“ for them. And really, being present was enough. Life lessons. #reallife #vboutiquesf #yogaislife #bepresent # universal


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Thank you so much Victoria for inspiring us wherever you are called to service in the name of healing, peace and love .

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