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Validation + where do we go from here?

/I am leaving Thessaloniki today. This morning, the yoga class I taught was full. I could feel some people absorbing every pose, every word. My heart feels heavy knowing I will likely not see most of these amazing women again in person. We ended the day discussing what action plans these leaders will take back into their worlds. How will lessons of security, technology, self-care be integrated? Through the window, I saw police in the square and heard sounds of protests on the street, while personal mission statements became articulated. Some driving focusses include: “justice”. “truth”. “children having safe place”. “my past prepared for my present”. “I can do this”. “work for human rights by empowering people to build social justice and spread into the world“. “bring different approach to increasing social equality into world.“ “ be someone who has and will have power to make things happen” ”use my personal power. The meaning of life is to find one’s gift - the purpose is to give it away.” “People deserve better life and do better when they are not alone.”

So now.....Navigate moving forward. bring together actual, tangible resources. It was impressive to see how these leaders absorbed the new and necessary focus on self-care and how this informs us. And by allowing our wells to be full, we are better able to meaningfully and efficiently give back in the world. Creating more honey in the world. Bit by bit.

There are solutions. But I have discovered these last few days, they are not obvious ones. And they require patience, generosity and kindness. With yourself first so the honey 🍯 can flow. Be true to your own path, beliefs while also being open-hearted & creative. So much of our lives are random: where we are born, when we are born. But we can make choices. Validation is from within, and the world confirms.

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21 feb 2019

What an amazing way to empower folks across the world!

Me gusta
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