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VenturaVie's 2019 Summer Camp!

I’m proud to report that Ventura Vie’s 2019 Summer Camp was a great success! Not only did it feel lively, fun and engaging for the kids, but it was a very intergenerational event, bringing children together with parents and our graduating high school intern, Damaica.

We organized camp activities with Ventura Vie’s core mission in mind: empowering women and youth and elevating communities through artistry, fashion and nature. I taught a yoga class and we did a collective art project. We also spent a day at V Boutique and Fisherman’s Wharf so everyone could see the shop and explore the beautiful waterfront area. And to tie in the nature piece, we had everyone plant seeds and decorate compost.

Damaica’s activity was one of the highlights for me. She taught everyone some sign language, and we all practiced together. I loved this part because it‘s exactly the kind of thing we want to promote: fostering leadership opportunities while sharing knowledge in an intimate, communal way. It was beautiful and enriching for everyone involved.

Thank you to everyone who helped fund and staff this event. We're looking forward to next year and already thinking about ways to expand Summer Camp activities and include more people. Stay tuned.

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