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Vintage Shopping in NYC and Brooklyn

As part of VenturaVie's mission to value mindful fashion, V Boutique is now adding select vintage items and I was lucky enough to go on the first buying trip to help out.

I wore my best walking shoes as we took the largest possible suitcases and rolled them ALL over NYC visiting every shop we had been given the names of by our trusted NYC board member, Stephen's contact. The first place we went was somewhat overwhelming with so many pieces to look through. Remembering to focus on coats, jackets, tops, and accessories helped us go through the many, many items we saw. We met MoMo who heard about our mission and offered us special pricing in his shop. We went through church markets, and clothing kiosks, met friendly people who were willing to share their secrets, and walked MANY miles in search of the perfect pieces for V Boutique. Bonus, we ate some great pizza and watched young people express themselves with their fashion. It was inspiring!

Another day we took our HUGE suitcase on the subway to Brooklyn. Loved the woman who took pity on us and just shouted out to us to use the emergency gate instead of us struggling to get our suitcase through the turnstile as she was hurrying by, and the policemen who took a real interest in helping us find the locations we needed to go as we arrived in Brooklyn. I guess we looked lost. The many shops were really warehouses full of treasures and we left with our suitcase packed full again. The funny thing is no one even thought we looked ridiculous hauling these suitcases everywhere!

We met up with the 2022 Wear We Are Going winner, Mahdiyyah Muhammad, who gave us such inspiration and hope for the future with her sustainable designs and beautiful spirit. "This upcycled design was crafted from the leftover fabric scraps from past collections. In an effort to exercise #zerowastefashion, I’ve held onto the remaining odds + ends from past designs and made something beautiful." Check out her amazing work @mahdiyyahofficial

We took all of our finds and go them photographed and steamed out and ready for the shop. There are such beautiful pieces it was hard not to keep them for ourselves. Knowing that V Boutique continues to have NEW clothing and accessories and is adding select vintage pieces really makes it the perfect place to shop for a cause!

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