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We Are So Proud of Cierra!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

VenturaVie would like to highlight one of our interns who is working hard to overcome the obstacles life has presented to her. Cierra, one of our sweet (and special) interns was working at V Boutique when the virus hit. She was a junior in high school. With schools and businesses closed, Cierra joined in the HiVe meetings and as we all learned about each other, she shared her poems. Using her sensitivity to express the pain and challenges she has had to face, her poetry amazed us.

Cierra graduated valedictorian from her high school this year and we took her out to celebrate her accomplishment! She hopes to travel and see the world and we look forward to watching her soar!

Dealing with the many challenges of the pandemic has been difficult for each and every one of us in many different ways. With VBoutique closed from the shutdown, Ventura Vie started the HiVe virtual meetings twice a week so there would still be a safe place to gather and support the community.

If you would like to read Cierra’s poems you can go to and see a virtual copy of our HiVe book which is the culmination of our 2020 meeting’s art and projects.

You can also receive a hardcover copy of our HiVe book for a minimum donation. See for details and to donate.

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